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Hemingway's Journal



Greetings and Salutations,


Hemingway here. To be clear from the start; no, not that Hemingway. As you continue to follow my Pub Crawl Journal, you’ll no doubt discover that my prose falls far short of my namesake’s, but my thirst for discovering the world’s greatest pubs and microbreweries, rivals his appetite (Sloppy Joe’s and Les Deux Magots anyone?)
Who am I then? I am the handsome mustachioed bowler hat sporting chap behind the pint glass. Every month, as Pub Crawl Club delivers loot from the World’s greatest pubs and America’s best microbreweries to your door, I’ll provide the narrative for that experience.  My Pub Crawl Journal will share the history, stories, and photos of these fine establishments.


Join me on this adventure as we travel around the World and throughout the States. I’ll be your literary guide, delivering you the full richness of the sights, sounds, and tastes of these amazing locations. So secure your passage now, as the trip departs shortly. Remember, if you do it alone- it’s passing out. If you do it with a mate- it’s a pub crawl.


Until then…




W.W. Hemingway