Accepting New Members for the Fall Pub Crawl season-

just in time for Oktoberfest!


We have 2 Memberships to choose from- each entitles the Member to receive a monthly Pub Crawl Club box by mail loaded with pub-branded goods. Each box is guaranteed to contain a tee-shirt and a variety of other pub themed merchandise.

The Passport

This is the Pub Crawl Club World Tour- each month features classic pubs from an ever changing host country. Join us as we enjoy spirited travel to England, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Ireland and many others. Just be sure that your papers are in order.


The Roadtrip

This is the Pub Crawl Club American Tour- each month features microbreweries from America’s leading craft brew states. Grab a DD as we go on a beer run through Colorado, California, Vermont, Florida, Pennsylvania and anywhere else we have enough gas to get to.